Angel Cops




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PO BOX 2278

NC 27836

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The vision and heart cry of this ministry is to reach out to every identified homeless person in our surrounding community and through the sharing of God’s love, put and end to this epidemic once and for all.  This ministry seeks out the faceless, forgotten population that is among us and we love them like Jesus!

We boldly go into the woods, under the bridges, and through the many worn pathways that are traveled by our homeless population and bring God’s love straight to them. We stand by our homeless brothers and sisters and walk beside them, hand in hand, through the storms, to recovery and deliverance from the chains that are binding them and keeping them from living into God’s perfect plan for their lives.

 Once we establish a relationship, we work alongside the homeless individual to help them connect the dots to identify and solve the root cause of their individual homeless situation. Some situations are solved fairly quickly. Others take a great deal of time, resources and effort. Nevertheless, we are committed to follow through with our homeless community to end the condition of homelessness one person at a time. We provide emergency food, shelter, clothing and prayer resources to anyone in an emergency crisis and in immediate need of assistance

Connecting the dots for those less fortunate